It makes plane sense to give us seat numbers

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Common sense has at last prevailed. easyJet has announced that it is now looking at bringing back allocated seats. Yes please, as soon as possible.

I have never understood why we were all left to crawl all over one another and fight to find our own seats in the first place. 

It was argued by the airlines that it led to people boarding more quickly. Rubbish. I have travelled umpteen times on Ryanair – who are already trying out allocated seating - and easyJet and it is NOT quicker. And certainly not dignified.

The "free for all" firstly results in passenger stampedes at the gate. Then you are left hanging around on the steps of the plane or in the gangway while passengers in front shunt up and down to find a window, aisle seat or two or three seats together.

It’s a nightmare.  And, of course it doesn’t help that most people on budget airlines do not check in luggage any more.

Their hand luggage has to be pushed into the lockers and very often it can't go above the seat they have chosen because it is already full! So people move up and down again, scrambling past fellow passengers, until they find space. It all adds up to absolute chaos.

Give us a seat number when we book. Allocated seating means rows can be called a few at a time. Front to back, or back to front – don’t care just do it.

My easyJet friends say it will be the spring before any trials will happen.

You don’t need trials – you know it makes sense.

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