Tourists will flock back to devastated cities

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Trisha in Damascus
Inside the Great Mosque of Damascus 

WHAT was good this week was talking to Kirker Holidays MD Ted Wake about the future of Libya as a tourist hotspot. Now that the country is not living under the terrifying dictatorship of Gaddafi (I am not sure why he is still allowed the title of Colonel), he is hoping that holidaymakers will start flooding back to the country as early as next March.

He told me: "I have already had customers inquiring about our tours and they want them sooner rather than later. The infrastructure is all there and the hotels are ready to welcome back guests. When the dust settles and flights restart we will be going there again." The country is rich in culture and history with archaelogical sites including the city of Leptis Magna, 80 miles east of the capital Tripoli. But it's great for sun-seekers too with miles of beautiful beaches.

Talking to Ted reminded me of Damascus, a beautiful city also ravaged by a civil war. I visited the Syrian city on a bmi flight just before trouble flared earlier this year. You'll never come across more friendly people and what I loved most was the hassle-free Souks unlike those in Marrakesh where you are never left alone. Shop owners and hotels, such as the fabulous Four Seasons where I stayed, are badly hit by the continuing bloody conflict. Tragic. And let's pray peace prevails there too.

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