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NOW, here is a rant! At first I thought I can't go on about this because it wasn't travel related. Then it dawned on me that I can actually spout on about anything I like. And, as it was about the tube, it had everything to do with travel and affects thousands of commuters and tourists every day.
I was travelling out of central London late at night and was pushed out of the way by a girl young enough to be my daughter or, what's worse, my grand-daughter!
She was determined to get the last seat in the carriage. So I stood there along with a gentleman old enough to be my father as, not one of the 10 young people offered to give up their seat.
You might think they shouldn't (although I always taught my kids to stand up for anyone older). OK, but what this sad experience reflects is the selfishness and uncaring attitude of today's travellers. And it is exposed everywhere you go - in airports, on planes, buses and trains and in hotels.
Let's face it, most people couldn't care less about their fellow holidaymakers as long as they are first in a queue, get the best seat on a plane, the sea view room or front of the excursion bus.
Perhaps I should start a "Be generous towards your fellow holidaymaker" campaign. Or, just carry a walking stick on the tube. It will come in handy if no one stands up!

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