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While continuing to write for national newspapers, I am available for hire! Please contact me if I can assist with any of the following services...

CONSULTANCY:  Newspaper offices are exciting places to work, right? Well, they can be when a big story breaks, but most of the job involves news desks, picture desks and production staff coming together to place the most interesting stories of the day.
How do you get YOUR story included in the mix? I can help. I know how to write the story that will attract attention, what angle to use, what pictures are going to interest them. For instance, there's a new train service starting between Liverpool and Leeds, so that must be the intro, yes? Boring! That train service offers a dry-cleaning service, free biscuits and six different types of tea. There's your fun angle!
Another myth. Travel editors spend all their time racing around the world as guests of the local tourist board. If only! Much of their time is spent in the office, commissioning articles, arranging press trips, putting the travel pages together, writing up last-minute stories and late deals and putting final touches to the main feature. Let me pass this information on to your staff or client so that you have a better understanding about how travel desks operate.
When I did travel, I knew exactly what would interest my readers and this information is invaluable to companies or tourist boards seeking publicity. Want advice on how to run a good press trip? I can tell you. If I am shown around another hotel room I'll scream, but show me where the island's most haunted house is and I'll be interested.

COPYWRITING: Let's face it, press releases can be pretty dull sometimes and all that many attract is a journalist's finger reaching for the delete button. It doesn't have to be that way. Give me the facts and I will write a press release that is interesting, factual, to the point and minus the flam that drives travel editors potty. It will get noticed and that is what press releases are supposed to do! Need a new brochure or guide book, just ask.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: One of your clients is about to launch a big project, such as a significant birthday, a new flight, hotel or destination, and you want to attract as much publicity as you can over the next few weeks. I can come in for as long as you need me, source and write copy and talk to my friends in newspapers to get stories placed. Also, if you are a PR company pitching for an account I can show the best way of going about it to attract business.
I'm the answer to your prayers! 

PRESENTING: I have represented my employers at many travel conferences and been asked to present awards at major events including the British Travel Awards. I know how to keep an audience interested and on my side! I know how important it is to receive such awards — after all, I am a winner myself — so I can make your event a night to remember.

ADVERTORIALS: I have written many newspaper advertorials for clients including SeaWorld, Disney, Universal, Butlins and Haven. I work closely with each client, produce the copy and oversee the page design. I am proud to say I have always got on well with the clients and they have appreciated my work. 

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